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Why Guys Don’t “Fangirl”

26 Jan Why Guys Don’t “Fangirl”

If you look at the lineup of any of the social media

tours, you’ll probably notice one thing- the lack of girls.

Have you ever wondered why this is? Well I managed to find

some answers through hardcore journalism skills (aka

google) and here’s what I’ve realized. When girls see guys on

the internet, they can’t help but compare them to the guys

that live in their town. Trust me, coming from a small town,

there is nobody that looks like Cameron Dallas around here.

We are drawn to these internet stars by their quirky

personalities, funny comebacks, and their insanely good

looks and who could blame us?! As girls, psychologically we

have this sense of attachment to people we are fascinated by

and a craving for their attention. The cat claws can start

coming out when it comes to getting a follow from one of

your favorites! Guys are the complete opposite. If they see a

funny skit or hear a good singer, they are entertained for a

moment and then they move on with their lives. But if girls

get entertained they want to know that person’s height,

address, parent’s middle name, and birth weight- anything to

get them closer to that person. So why do we see way more

“internet famous” guys than girls? When a girl entertainer is

trying to get known, she has to impress her audience (which

usually consists of girls 13-18). See the problem here? Girls

see other girls as competition. We instantly compare

ourselves to these girls (PSA- never compare yourself to

anyone you are perfectly unique!) We see these teen guys on

the internet as the “perfect guy” and that’s why we squeal

with joy anytime a guy is added to the lineup. In the long

run- guys sell more tickets while girls have to scratch their

way to the top; and the people who create the meet and greet

shows that we all love know this and simply bring the people

(fangirls) what they want.

Madeline LewisWritten by Madeline Lewis

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