What we loved about Valenteen Hoot - Teen Hoot
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What we loved about Valenteen Hoot

16 Feb What we loved about Valenteen Hoot

Is anyone else having Teen Hoot withdrawals? Because I haven’t quit watching videos from the show since I left! Here’s some highlights from Valenteen Hoot that made it the best Valentine’s day ever! As soon as the doors opened for the meet and greet, Rocketown was full of hugging, smiling, and a ton of Valentine gifts! After a while, sound check started and the backstage area was full of so many talented artists and it turned into a giant jam fest with some of your favorites like Reed, Brandon, Spencer, and The George Twins all singing together! Soon after that, the show started off with Sam and Colby’s big dance number which shocked everyone! There was flipping, grinding, and nay-naying! The first performer was John-Robert Rimel making his Teen Hoot debut. This guy was super adorable and so sweet (he called me ma’m and I’m only 18!) His voice was even better than his personality! Next up was Spencer Kane (who looks a lot like Shane Haper!) and he wowed the audience with his amazing vocals and dance moves! He’s the only guy I know that can go from doing the nay-nay to the twist! The George Twins took the stage next (brownie points to whoever can tell them apart) They sang their single “Beautiful” which makes any girl feel beautiful! Fun fact- they can also swing dance and we did just that backstage! The off-the-wall Austin Porter was up next and his killer dance moves and fun personality kept the crowd on their feet! Before the show, Austin was penny boarding all around the place so I’m not sure how he had so much energy! Super hipster man Brandon Hassan was next to take the stage. He sang his new original “weary eyes” and dedicated a song to his girlfriend who was watching the live stream. (collective aaaawwwww) Zac Mann, Justice Carradine, Liberty Deep Down, Alexi Blue, Tyler Matl, Devin Hayes, Chase Goehring, and Reed Deming all killed it on stage making it a full night of amazing music! Quite possibly the greatest thing about Valenteen Hoot is the friendships that were crafted. There were so many fans that waited in line together and ended up spending the rest of the day together! Not only the fans, but the artist were bonded over Teen Hoot. What the fans didn’t see backstage was the entire lineup dancing, rapping, and taking a ton of selfies! So many amazing memories came from Valenteen Hoot, and so many more await!

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