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Teen Hoot Fan of the Month

02 Feb Teen Hoot Fan of the Month

Congrats to Angelica for being selected as Teen Hoot’s Fan of the Month! We all know that Teen Hoot is one big family, so here’s a way to get to know your fellow family members! By sharing people’s Teen Hoot experiences, it brings everyone closer together creating a bond that we can all share!

Name- Angelica Campbell
Age- 14
State- North Carolina
Hobbies- I enjoy traveling and attending music events (I sometimes like to mix the two, haha)
How many times have you been to Teen Hoot?- I haven’t been to Teen Hoot yet but will be going to Valenteen Hoot this February 14th!
Favorite Teen Hoot artist- That’s such a hard choice! There’s so many amazing artists who have attended/ are attending Teen Hoot! I’ve been a big fan of Reed Deming ever since XFactor and have supported him since. I’m really excited to get to see him this February!!
Favorite Teen Hoot memory- It’s difficult to pick a memory. http://teenhoot.com/teen-hoot-fan-of-the-month/Overall, I love looking back on artists who have performed in the past and seeing how much they’ve grown.
Favorite thing about Teen Hoot- I find it awesome how you feel acceptance and comfort when at Teen Hoot. Teen Hoot is a place where people can come together like a family, enjoy each others company and enjoy/watch fantastic entertainers.
Little message to all the Teen Hoot fans- If you haven’t been to Teen Hoot yet, do not give up! I waited for what felt like forever to get to experience such an unbelievable show and after years of waiting, I’m finally going!

If you want to be next month’s fan of the month, email me at Madeline@TeenHoot.com! Also, I’ll be at Valenteen Hoot on February 14th! Come find me for a shoutout on the Teen Hoot Blog!!

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