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Teen Hoot Do’s and Don’ts

20 Jan Teen Hoot Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s be real here, we all go to concerts like Teen Hoot for the

same reason- to have the time of our lives! However, we all know

those people who make the experience a tad less enjoyable. So

here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts to make your Teen Hoot

experience (or any concert that you go to) a more enjoyable one!


Do– Dress for fashion and function. We all want to look as cute as

possible for our favorite artists, right? Go for it! Put on your best

outfit and strut your stuff with all the confidence in the world!


Don’t– Dress only for fashion. For example, if you show up to a

show wearing stiletto heels or an outfit that doesn’t fit you the right

way, chances are you can’t rock out like you want to (and should!)

and you run the risk of being uncomfortable all night, which is

never fun!


Do– Get there early. Even though you might have to wait outside, it

adds to the experience of the concert and it’s the best way to make

new friends!


Don’t– Get there late. If you get there late, you might miss out on

some of the fun!


Do– Get a good spot in line for the meet and greet! The day is

finally here, you’re meeting your favorite artist- so last thing you

want is to wait even longer than you already have!


Don’t– Be rude, shove, or fight. We’re all here for the same reason

and chances are we’re here to meet the same people. So don’t be

rude because we’re all trying to get to the same place.


Do– Get a spot in the front and get hype for the concert! Just to add

to the already epic night, can you imagine the possibility of getting

sweated on by your favorite singer?! Totally Teen Hoot goals.


Don’t– Block the view of other people. We all know how

frustrating it is to have a person taller than Lebron James in front

of you, so be considerate of the people behind you.


Do– Make new friends! The great thing about Teen Hoot is that it

enables you to grow a family and make friends from all over the

place! Use that to your advantage and make friendships that will

last a lifetime!


Don’t– Be in a competition. Instead of trying to one-up the person

beside you, focus on having fun! Chances are the person beside

you doesn’t care how many times you’ve met Dylan Holland or

that you and Chase Goehring are “basically besties”. Focus less on

impressing other people and more on having an epic time!

However, the most important thing you can do at any show is have

the time of your life, make tons of friends, and even more


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