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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts 

18 Mar Social Media Do’s and Don’ts 

Social Media has officially taken over the world. We live in a world where it is more common to tweet each other than to call someone. Media can be used to keep in touch, grow a business, or even make new friends- and let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s so fun getting tweeted by your favorite artist! It’s when people misuse all the sites that it becomes a bad thing. So with that, I present to you…..

Madeline’s Social Media Rules


Don’t Complain– No matter how tempting it is to let everyone know it’smonday or that you’ve had a bad day, people get sick of seeing it and it dulls the mood.


Make Sense– Nobody cares that you just ate dinner or that inside joke no one knows what the meaning to it is. Start posting things that actuallymatter, you have the power through social media to change someone’s day around!


Don’t be too dramatic – Posting extremely vague things such as “I hate this” or “wow” doesn’t make anyone care about your problems anymore than they already do. It doesn’t make sense to people and the only thing it does for you is make you seem dramatic.


Don’t overuse song quotes– Wedon’t need to know which songs you’ve been listening to for the past hour no matter how good the lyrics are.


Don’t down yourself- If you constantly post using #uglyproblems, #foreveralone, or #fatty it gives off the idea that you have NO self confidence and that it is the best thing to have! No matter how funny the joke may be it’s not funny the twelfth time you’ve made a joke against yourself.


Don’t be basic– Don’t let your account be just another username. Post what you’re thinking not what other people are, that’s not special at all. Don’t be basic!


Don’t Spam– If you tweet someone to follow you or notice you twelve times a day, your followers might not tell you. But they’re begging you to stop. Not only is spamming other people’s timeline annoying but it doesn’t get you any closer to getting noticed.

I know all of these can be hard to do but trust me it makes social media more fun and less annoying! Have a great day and post away!

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