September 2015 Artist of the Month - Distraction - Teen Hoot
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September 2015 Artist of the Month – Distraction




Bio (via ReverbNation):

We are Distraction. We are all all girl band from WV. We play pop, rock, and funk covers and originals. Our goal is to make a difference with our music. We hope to connect to young people around the world with our message that there is hope. hope to unite people, to encourage others teens to be open minded and kind, to set an example to others that there is hope even in the dark times, to help teens realize it is cool to be different, to teach them what “pretty” really means, to encourage others to stand up for what they believe in and to encourage kids to sign our anti-bullying pledge. Together we have the power to make a difference.


Kayla Lynn – age 15 – bass and vocal
Jenna – age 16 – rhythm guitar and vocal
Jedah – age 15 – vocal
Caeli – age 15 – lead guitar
Ary’an – age 16 – drums, guitar, and vocal percussion
Bethany – age 16 – keyboard and vocal

Distraction - Interview

Distraction - Just A Dream || Nelly Cover