Online friendships are real friendships! - Teen Hoot
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Online friendships are real friendships!

10 Feb Online friendships are real friendships!

A while back Teen Hoot tweeted out asking how many people met friends through Teen Hoot and the response was incredible! Whether you met online or at a concert, Teen Hoot helped craft that friendship. I have a few online friends who I’m very close to so I know the struggle of trying to explain an online friendship to an adult (let’s be real here half of them don’t even know what twitter is) But honestly, online friendships are some of the best friendships! A lot of people complain that social media has made us less social but I couldn’t disagree more! Through outlets like twitter, tumblr, and YouTube were opened up to a whole new world (cue Aladdin sing-a-long) When it seems no one understands us or even cares about us- there are thousands of people who are feeling the same way! So never doubt for a second that no one is there for you. Although the Teen Hoot family may be worlds away we’re still a family that has each other’s back! Remember those cheesy PSAs about internet safety? Well here’s another one. I’m sure all of you are smart enough not to give out your address or phone number online. cheap accommodation . may watch too much much Law and Order but I do know that giving strangers your address is super dangerous. Plus it could lead to a cheesy reenactment with bad actors and nobody wants that! Nevertheless,don’t get discouraged by people that doubt your online friendships! To quote T-Swizzle “haters gonna hate” Everyone needs someone to be there for them and sometimes you can find your closest friends online!

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