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How loved you really are!

27 Feb How loved you really are!

We all know being a teenager isn’t fun. It’s even worse when our idea of beauty is a size 00 Victoria Secret model on TV. Did you know that 1 out of every 12 teenagers self harm? This is such a big problem and not ok by any means. Sometimes life can throw a curveball at you and it can feel like your life can’t get any worse. web hosting ip When you’ve reached your lowest low and you feel all hope is lost, think of Teen Hoot. I know how crazy that sounds, but hear me out- 

Have you ever noticed how often the artists say “we love our fans” or “our fans are beautiful”?  They truly care about every fan that they have. When your family and friends don’t understand you and push you aside- these artist care about you so much and want the best for you! For example- Teen Hoot artist Alabama Capital’s song “sweaters in July” focuses on healing from cutting and bulimia. Here’s a little exerpt from the song “you shouldn’t have to wear a sweater in July, see the scars on your wrist match the scars in your eyes, when you eat a meal it’s meant to stay inside” and another Teen Hoot artist The George Twins song “Beautiful” focus on positive self image and understanding that you’re beautiful. Here’s an except “You’re original you’re priceless please don’t hurt yourself. You may not have a hand to hold, a little bit cliché I know but you are beautiful”. These words are so true to everyone out there that ever feels that they are anything less than beautiful. Not only are the artist supporting you, but the entire family of Teen Hoot loves you! The fans all come together to create a bond unlike any other. When you feel like no one is there for you- look around at the 60,000 + fans  of Teen Hoot that love and support you! I’m sure there are some doubt of the artist actually meaning that they love their fans. “They’re famous, they don’t notice me” this couldn’t be more wrong! Every time I speak to an artist backstage at any event, the fans always get brought up in conversation even mentioned by name! They hold on to every word you say to them and cherish it. You’ll never know how much artists love and appreciate you. 

 If you ever feel the need to hurt yourself or if you’re just feeling lost and alone in the world, you’re not the only one. Here are some hotlines that you can call if you need help Depression Hotline- tel:1-630-482-9696 Self Harm Hotline tel:1-800-366-8288 Of course you can always reach out to anyone in the Teen Hoot family and we will gladly help you!

Side Note- Hope everyone enjoyed the blog! I’ll be starting a new portion of the blog called “Ask Madeline” you can email me any questions or dilemmas you may have and I will answer them all on a blog post. (You can be anonymous if you wish) so be sure to email me! Also, Valenteen Hoot was such a blast and I can’t wait for the next show. where you want to see Teen Hoot go next!! You can now submit to be the next fan of the month. Email me if interested thanks for reading!!

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