August 2015 Artist of the Month - Joe Conaboy - Teen Hoot
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August 2015 Artist of the Month – Joe Conaboy

Joe Conaboy is a singer and writer
hailing from Warwickshire.

UK Rocker Joe Conaboy


Joe Conaboy is a singer and writer, hailing from Warwickshire.


Joe has been a natural performer since around the age of 6. His family tell a story of Joe being dragged off the stage of a holiday camp theatre – in tears! After making his way to the stage, he stood in the spotlight, looked out at the audience but didn’t really know what to do…he just knew he really wanted to be there! After being escorted off by his parents he cried inconsolably – the die was cast there and then – a performer was born!


After a tough time at school, he left home at the age of 16 to pursue his musical dreams in London where he started to channel his experiences into his early song writing.


His influences are wide ranging – Joe approaches music with an open mind. Whilst growing up listening to his parents vinyl records he found a love for a wide range of songs and styles from artists such as Adam Ant, The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers, The Sex Pistols and more.


Joe’s writing is often unashamedly personal, he’s not afraid to let his feelings and moods surface through his music.


His live performances are dynamic, fresh and full of energy, in fact Joe’s on stage presence has been compared to that of the legendary Mick Jagger by the national press!


Hard working and something of a perfectionist, Joe is often to be found busy in the studio, writing or working with his own band on exciting new material.


Joe’s management can be contacted via

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